Pañca kleśā / 5 kleshaa

Tampere! Pañca kleśā -workshopini tulee Om Yogaan 6.-7.10.2018. Alla lisää siitä, mitä käsitellään tuolloin; tämä enkuksi jotta palvelee myös muita somessa. Workshop siis suomeksi.

Patanjali calls in his famous sutras (2.3) five kleshas these: avidyā-asmitā-rāga-dveṣa-abhiniveśaḥ kleśāḥ: 

- Avidya (ignorance, tietämättömyys)
- Asmita (I-ness, minäisyys)
- Raga (attachment, nautintoon/haluun takertuminen)
- Dvesa (aversion, inho, viha) 
- Abhinivesa (fear of death, kuolemanpelko, elämänjano) ->


What he claims, is that from the yogic point of view the Self is mistakenly reified (presumed as ontological realness = avidya), and then erroneously experienced as a separate entity (=asmita). 

What makes it more fascinating (yes, deliberately that word) is the moment this Self becomes preoccupied with its own (in)security and identified with its own traumatic narrative. I often like to use the Buddhist concepts of "pain body" and "pain talk" and "pain mind". (👉 Understanding someone's unreasonable reaction to any situation as a triggered klesha offers such a powerful insight to his "pain self". Happened to me with myself, with my dear friends, with some of my students - and even with some of my own teachers, whom I before mistakingly thought to be above this. Nowadays I think nobody is, this is such a fundamental way human beings experience the world.) 

So when this imagined Self then grasps at external experiences and objects due to fear-based attachment, it embraces the temporary or fights against the externalized threats ( = raga and dvesa), trying to find contentment in things that will just alienate a person even more from understanding the nature of that same artificial Self. 

And because of its' entitled defensiveness, that Self then clings even more to its imagined autonomy in the face of ever so inevitable change and death; and that’s finally abhinivesa.

Yep. Love this topic, but will stop now.

See for more YS, chapter 2, tai nähdään pian Tampereella. Varaa paikkasi:

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