Zensations is a holistic wellbeing vacation for groups. It assembles in a package what Finland has to give to releasing the (oh so) common stress. 

Zensations wellness vacation offers space and silence, daily stress management and mindfulness exercises, wellness lectures by professionals, healthy Scandinavian super food and outdoor activities in the pure nature with a twist of Finnish mythology and folklore. Treatments like traditional sauna and dip in a lake or herb bath help you with stress relief.

Rustic countryside settings guarantee digital detox – instead of isolated hotel room traveler experiences authentic Scandinavia with every sense.

We offer lectures & exercises on stress management, daily yoga & mindfulness exercises  tailored just for Your group

The seasonally changing Nordic environment provides inspirational themes for practice. You have unique chance to practice yoga in a forest. This practice is suitable for everybody - even if you are not so familiar with yoga but you like wandering in nature. 

Scandinavian forest, trees, and boulders that are typical in the surrounding area will play an assisting role in the practice. Tuning yourself into being present in the moment will be easy in this environment. 



Treatments like traditional sauna and dip in a lake or herbal bath help you with stress management. Imagine a quiet and warm summer evening. After washing your worries away in our relaxing herbal bath you have the chance to walk through our special “Healing Path’’ where you get hands-on experience with different treatments inspired by our magnificent nature. We guarantee you will feel calm and serene. 

Nutrition based on  Scandinavian superfoods? 

It is an experience to add  on your bucket list. 

During the retreat our guests will be pampered with the mouth-watering and nourishing gourmet vegetarian food prepared by our skilled and professional chefs. 

The meals we offer will nurture the bodies of stressed and tired by offering much needed antioxidants, minerals and other important nutrients. One of our most important goals is to use as much organic and locally produced ingredients as we can. Our chefs have expertise in preparing raw food and gluten-free products as well as using Finnish herbs as a part of supporting holistic wellness. The water we serve comes from our own source of spring water, which is a remarkable thing in a international scale, too! 

Our cuisine has been praised by the Finnish hospitality industry throughout Villa Mandala’s existence.

Daily trips

  • Hiking “The Forest Trail of Silence’’
  • Trip to a nearby lake 
  • Forest Yoga inspired by Finnish mythology 
  • Bicycle trips around the countryside

“Luxury with a peace of mind”

“Villa Mandala is one of the best places I have stayed in Finland. Located about one hour drive from Helsinki, it's very convenient for visitors who would like to combine city life in Helsinki to some peaceful luxury in the country side. 

The retreat centre is exceptional. There is a forest and nature all around you, but I was so glad to notice that the amenities and the rooms had so high standards, like in a upscale hotel. In the evening, it was a pleasure to go to sauna and experience an absolute silence.

I have stayed in Villa Mandala several times and food has been extraordinary every time. They specialise in vegetarian and raw food and I was very amazed how good and filling raw food can be. Of course they will be considerate concerning any allergies or diets.

If you will ever have a chance to visit Villa Mandala, please do so. You will love the place and the wonderful owners, Mia and Mikko, who will take care of you like you were family.”

—AnnEmily, Visited March 2014.



We are the world’s first wellness centre that has been built by the Stress Free Area® concept with every step of the way.

Our location being in the core of the  rural area, surrounded by fields and forests, is the kind of location where the big city life noises produced by traffic or other mechanical sources can not reach us. 

In our interior we have minimised and removed as many negative stress factors as we can, such as direct spot lights, visual stimulants, echo, background noise and other irritants. Instead of being under sensory overload all the time just gaze to the horizon and relax.

Researches show that spending time in this kind of environment has the effect of reducing stress hormones in our bodies.